How to Get A Bigger Butt

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Get a Bigger Butt the Safe and Easy Way

Because of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Shakira, the question on virtually every body-conscious woman’s mind is: How to get a bigger butt? We can’t blame these women either because a full, firm and round butt is closely associated with youth, beauty and sexiness — just as with full, firm and round breasts but that’s another story.

Is Surgery for You?

How to get a bigger buttI have to say that butt enhancement surgery is a possibility, and there are many American and English celebrities undergoing the procedure. Among those alleged to have had buttock implants are Alicia Douvall, Nicki Minaj and Coco Austin. Even Kim Kardashian herself is alleged to have undertaken the surgical procedure although she has consistently denied it.

But is surgery the best answer to the question of how to get a bigger butt? I don’t think so for the simple reason that many things can – and will, for that matter – go wrong with cosmetic surgery on any part of the face or body. In the case of butt enhancement surgery, the implants can rupture with any sudden movement, can be misaligned with daily activity, and can be infected with severe bacterial infections. These possibilities are definitely not something to look forward to.

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Topical Cream and Exercise Combo

With that being said, the question still remains: How to get a bigger butt without exposing yourself to the abovementioned risks and side effects? I suggest a topical cream and exercise program combo, which is what the Revitol™ manufacturers are promoting on their official website. Keep in mind that the buttock enhancement program is composed of two interrelated aspects – the cream itself and the recommended exercises. One without the other makes for an ineffective butt enhancement endeavor.

Let’s first discuss the main product – the Revitol™ cream itself. It should be applied at least 2 times a day for best results with each application being made with circular motions over the buttocks area. There are no injections, no implants and no surgical procedures necessary because this is a topical cream applied like any other body lotion.

So, how does a seemingly simple cream become one-half of the answer to the question of how to get a bigger butt? It’s simple, really – the ingredients in Revitol™ have been proven safe and effective in eliminating the signs of aging skin including cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin. When the surface of your skin is free from these visible flaws, then your buttocks appear to be younger, too. Plus, these ingredients are filled with antioxidants and other beneficial plumpers and nutrients that help in fighting the effects of free radicals on skin. Think of these ingredients as working their magic from the inside out.

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Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream

The other half of the Revitol™ buttocks enhancement program is, if course, exercise. We are not just talking of any exercise program like aerobics either because these are butt enlarging movements. The exercise program should be done on a daily basis so that a fuller, firmer and rounder butt can be yours within a few weeks.

Although I cannot give away too many details of the specific workout program for the Revitol™ butt enhancement program, I can surmise a few things. The exercises may include squats, lunges (static, sliding and wheel), step ups and hip extensions. Hiking, biking and running as well as brisk walking are also good optional activities for sexier buttocks.

In conclusion, the best answer to the question of how to get a bigger butt lies not in surgery, padded underwear and other temporary or dangerous methods. The answer lies in Revitol™ Butt Enhancement Cream combined with easy butt enlargement exercises.

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