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Want a Firm and Round Bootylicious Celebrity Type Butt?

Thanks to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, the ever notorious Beyoncé, and more recently Kim Kardashian, the appearance of a full, firm, and round buttocks is a lasting trend in beautiful bodies. Like it or lump it, we have these super-celebrities to thank for ever-changing the way society looks at a woman with a full and firm feminine rump. But of course (no pun intended), not everybody is born with the desirable and outstanding buttocks of these celebrities. And if we’re to be honest, many celebrities weren’t born with theirs either. So what can we do to stand out with the best of them?

Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream
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Surgery Is an Option

Butt enhancement surgery is an option for some, but we must caution against such a radical, not to mention expensive, step. Like any other cosmetic surgery designed to enhance natural body parts, surgery for buttocks enlargement has more than its fair share of risks and side effects. The risks and side effects of surgery include negative reactions to the anaesthesia, butt implant shifting and ruptures, asymmetry, nerve damage, bleeding and infection. You may also be undergoing multiple butt enlargement surgeries if the first procedure provided unsatisfactory results.

Cream Is a Better Option

With all these risks and side effects as well as the money involved, the benefits of a butt enhancement cream coupled with the right exercises becomes more and more desirable with each passing minute. Not only will you be saving yourself wads of money on potentially dangerous surgery but you are also assured of a safe, effective and natural way to make your buttocks fuller, firmer and rounder than ever before.

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How does a buttock enhancement cream like Revitol work? It works in two ways. First, its natural ingredients help in the improvement of the skin’s surface especially in the removal of cellulite, stretch marks and even sagging skin. Second, the ingredients in the buttocks enlargement cream helps in firming up the muscles of the buttocks. This is not to say that the cream will do all the work since you must also adopt the right kinds of exercises to enhance the firmer, fuller and rounder appearance of your butt. When used together, these two aspects of the Revitol enhancement program delivers satisfactory results.

Know the Ingredients

What exactly are the natural ingredients in this butt enhancement cream? It should be noted that these are natural substances so you can expect little to no side effects upon their application on your skin. The ingredients are their purported benefits are as follows:

  • Green tea is well-known for its high amounts of antioxidants, which fight the signs of aging in and below the skin’s surface.
  • Shea butter provides for intense moisturizing to the skin, thus, helping in the removal of stretch marks and other unsightly flaws. The skin on your buttocks then appears firmer, suppler and younger.
  • Retinol A is a derivative of Vitamin A. It is a common ingredient in body and face lotions simply because of its potent effects in achieving younger-looking skin.
  • Caffeine is considered as a carrier of the nutrients in the cream aside from the fact that it also enhances their effects on the skin.
  • Bladderwrack helps in the removal of cellulite as well as in slimming down the buttocks.
  • Horsetail extract has high contents of silicon, which is the substance used in injections for surgical butt enlargement procedures.

With proper and regular use of this butt enhancement cream, you can also enjoy the benefits of a sexier, firmer and rounder butt.

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