Bigger Buttocks

Get the Bigger Butt You Always Wanted the Safe and Easy Way

In light of media and Hollywood’s fascination with the gorgeous full and firm bigger buttocks of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, these women have turned the concept of physical beauty in a woman’s body upside down, simply by possessing ample butt cleavage more so than breast cleavage, and suddenly the question on many women’s minds is: How to get a bigger butt like theirs?

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Surgery and Padded Underwear Options

How to get a bigger buttYou always have the option of surgical enhancement via fat grafting and silicone implantation. These procedures provide for almost immediate results but with several risks like bacterial infections, implant breakage and physical asymmetry, all of which will make you think twice about spending thousands of dollars on it.

You can also wear padded underwear and the equivalent of a shelf bra for that bigger buttocks, if pain in the body and the pockets are issues you are unwilling to deal with. Keep in mind, however, that these are temporary ways in how to get a bigger butt, not to mention that you cannot fool all the people all the time about your perkier derriere.

Indeed, surgery and underwear are great options toward a perkier, rounder and fuller derriere but these are neither safe nor easy on the body and the pockets. The question then is: What is the safest, easiest and most affordable as well as the most effective to get bigger buttocks? Read on and find out how to get a bigger butt while capitalizing on what Mother Nature gave you, just like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

Cream, Exercise and Diet Option

Before we start on the discussion about the cream, exercise and diet option to get perkier buttocks, it is worth noting that the buttocks are the largest muscle in the entire body. Aside from its function of taking off weight from the feet while sitting, the buttocks are also significant in sexual attraction since these signify feminine sexuality and fertility.

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With that being said, the best way how to get a bigger butt is to adopt the three-pronged approach of using a topical butt enhancement cream, eating the right kinds of foods, and performing butt-enhancing exercises. You will see the positive results of shapelier, rounder and bigger buttocks within a few weeks of adopting said three-pronged approach.

Here’s how it works:

  • The topical cream contains ingredients that have been proven effective in tightening the skin; lessening the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and other wrinkles; and generally just making the skin on the buttocks appear younger. A few of these ingredients are shea butter, caffeine, capsicum, green tea and retinol. In most cases, the topical cream should be applied two times a day on the buttocks area for best results.
  • The exercise portion in the best way how to get a bigger butt obviously involves strengthening the largest muscles of the body. You will perform both general exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and target exercises for the buttocks themselves. The most effective target exercises for the buttocks are squats, lunges and deadlifts. Cardio exercises like running, brisk walking and bicycling are great for overall conditioning of the buttocks in particular and the body in general.
  • The diet aspect for getting bigger buttocks is the same for those working toward a toned and muscled body. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat like poultry, low-fat dairy products, legumes, nuts and seeds. The emphasis is on eating more protein-rich foods that will support the growth of muscles on your behind.

Indeed, the best way how to get a bigger butt is through natural means – no injections, no needles and no pads, please.

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